Que diuen de nosaltres?

"Just wanted to share with you that the school reports of our children was notable and excellent for English. Thanks to you and Karen."

"Sóc la mare dels germans Toni i Jordi et volem agrair el que estàs fent amb tota la mainada que s'ha engrescat a apuntar-se a reforçar l'angles que aprenen a l'escola. Estem molt contents perquè els nens, tots dos, venen contents i nosaltres creiem que reforçar l’anglès, en aquestes edats, és una bona inversió de futur. Per tant, endavant amb el que esteu fent i moltes gràcies per tot."

"Thank you Debra!! As always, your work is fantastic!!!"

"I'm happy to hear all the improvements about Bruna (age 3). She even told us to "stand up"!!! Thanks for everything."

"Thank you very much for all exercises and listenings I'm sure Ariadna understand better."

"Com et vaig dir a l'estiu, l'Arnau continuarà aprenent anglès amb vosaltres. Feu una gran tasca. Enhorabona i mil gràcies."

"How nice are you!!! You are like an angel !!! Thanks Debra, thanks for all what you do. Yersterday we practiced with your examples and the link you give me. Also, I founded one more that was perfect and.... Pablo is ready for his exam ( I think, no: I am sure !!). THANKS, MANY MANY THANKS for your WONDERFUL WORK WITH THE CHILDREN :)"

"Thank you Debra and everyone at the Little London Club for helping our children learn English. We went to England and they were able to communicate with lots of people in English, all the people understand!"